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Bace Flores

Bace Flores is a precocious four year old who only started reading and writing last year. Bace has already written six books, with titles and ideas for two more.

An advanced learner; Bace said his first words at four months, knew his alphabet when he was one and then had learned it in five other languages by the next year. Bace isn't a child prodigy; his mom started him at three months old with Your Baby Can Learn and Baby Signing Time. He is a testament to what happens when you teach babies during a time when they learn differently.

Aside from being the world's youngest published author, Bace has his own Instagram and YouTube vlog where he reviews children's books. He also plays a variety of sports, loves watching his favorite YouTubers and enjoys playing at the park with friends.

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Marie Gaudet

The author, Marie Gaudet, is a ferociously independent writer with a capricious set of rules, the first of which is “Honor thyself so you may honor others.” She was happily following the first part of this edict when along came a hairy, hungry and cuddly little wolf of a grandson who swept her off her feet and reordered time itself, turning the world upside down, taking hearts prisoner and becoming their new Sun. Her muse had arrived, claiming the 2nd part of the rule as his due. Beautiful Boy is the first of five books the author has recorded to honor this wild little man whose orbit she can’t seem to resist.



Daniel Flores

Daniel J Flores is a former professional baseball player, current private baseball coach and father to the precocious 4 year old author. Bace Flores. Daniel's passion for helping children learn to play ball to the best of their abilities has been a life long one. Having started late in the game at age 10, Daniel understands what it's like to be the new kid on the team and encourages kids through simple and easy to remember instruction.

Baseball is his passion and children really respond to his teaching style. He writes books about baseball that are informative, fun and easy to memorize. When the game stays fun for kids, they want to play forever.

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Cindy Bertrand-Flores

Canadian born, Cindy Bertrand-Flores, is a former fashion designer, mother and author.

Her works include: "The Baby Architect: Dream Your Baby to Life", "Kerfuffle", and "Branches: A Flores Family Tree" written as a tribute to her husband's ancestral roots. Cindy has the gift of DNA sleuthing and loves solving genealogical mysteries for adoptees, people in search of long lost family, "oopsie" babies and more.

Cindy also runs a publishing company created to foster the talents of her young literary innovator son who loves telling his own stories.

When she's not writing or investigating DNA, you can find Cindy binge-watching her favorite movies or going on adventures with her family.