About Us

Meet The Team

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Bace Flores

Author and business mogul, Bace Flores is co-owner of Candious Books.

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Cindy Bertrand-Flores

Cindy Bertrand-Flores is the managing partner and creative director of Candious Books. 


Daniel Flores

Daniel Flores is the brain power behind all our baseball books as is a former professional player as well. 

Our Story

It’s no secret that getting children to read can open their minds in so many wonderful ways. Reading and developing literacy skills early on in life creates a surge of energy and development in the brain that lasts all throughout life.


If you want a child to have an adventurous imagination, get them to read. If you want a child to be confident and independent—show them characters who step forward with confidence. Reading gives children what they need to mature, broaden their intelligence, and apply themselves in ways that will serve them, helping them become more successful in school and as adults.


But reading, for some, may be a touch intimidating.


That’s why Candious Books is empowering children everywhere to engage with books, fall in love with reading, and start their journey of growth and success. Why? Many of the books found within Candious Books were written by kids, for kids.


This is a new experience for young readers. The act of learning and reading comprehension has always been an example of kids feeling like they’re having to struggle to do what adults are telling them to do.


Since many Candious Books are written by kids, for kids, young minds are naturally motivated and inspired to read—because what they’re reading doesn’t talk down to them: stories are communicated authentically from their point of view.


With a Candious story, children can hold something full of color and adventure that’s larger than life, and know that they can create something just as powerful, themselves. That’s the next level of reading and learning—from Candious Books.